Here's what local businesses and customers are saying about The House of Commons.

If you can’t travel to London, House of Commons’ piping hot tea, triangles of cucumber sandwiches, and buttery scones with clotted cream make for a close second.
~ 5280 Denver’s Mile High Magazine
Great little sandwiches, very authentic. Wonderful tea selection. Love the lady who runs the place. One of my favorite spots for lunch!
~ Lynn S.
This is my favorite tea house in Denver. I take my family to high tea several times a year. The clotted butter and lemon spread . . . Yummy. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. They have a large selection of teas. They are friendly. The sandwiches and salads are very good.
~ Jennifer S.
I really love this place. If I want to treat myself to a lovely little lunch or meet friends from out of town, this is where I go. The service is always great and the food is fantastic. The soups are always undersold - meaning, they are so much more than their description. Make sure you order one next time you’re in. And the tea selection is fantastic.
~ Melissa H
Delightful, charming atmosphere with great service, excellent tea and wonderful food. Wide choice of lunch selections and tea options. Will be going back for sure.
~ Mark T.
The House of Commons Uncommonly Good.
~ The Celtic Connection